Welcome to Matt Weaver’s Website

Created on August 22, 1999, this website has had many manifestations, but it was always centered around one thing…photography.

Even prior to the Age of Social Media, I wanted a vehicle for showing my photos to family and friends. Not everyone I know is on Facebook or Twitter – or a friend/follower – so the tried-and-true website is still the best way I know to reach everyone on the Interwebs.

Like every other person on Earth under 50, and some pets as well, I have a blog. Rather than subjecting you to my random posts upon arriving at my website, the blog is on a separate page. Click the “Blog” link in the top menu and you’ll see what’s going on in my family’s life. If you’d rather skip that entirely, click on one of the other links in the top menu, like “Photography.”

Speaking of photography, I’m going to try to keep this site updated, though I have found it difficult in the past. From mountains to major league ballparks to some just plain cool shots, I hope you will find the contents of this site enjoyable and worth seeing again.

Please look around and enjoy.